Next Release To Do List

Oct 6, 2010 at 3:01 PM
Edited Nov 3, 2010 at 10:49 AM

Release Level To Do List

There are a number of things which need to be done before the tab is ready for a release, please add anything which you feel would be important to have done before the tab is ready for an initial release.

Note, I intend the first release to only read the RSSHub files and not write to them, this means features such as tracking when items are read and downloading/managing feeds are not planned for the first release.


To Do:

  1. When blank tab is detected, prompt with option to configure or update the tab and load the RSS Channels. (DONE - Displays message to configure)
  2. Disable the settings page (this is easier than populating with all the options etc) - setup will need to be manually done via registry settings. (DONE)
  3. Create a language file with suitable text (note: no translations at this stage) (DONE)
  4. Remove the facebook tab code from the sense code (cut it down to the bare rss code, should help with enabling the tab to work on all versions of sense)
  5. Tidy up display (ensure date and time is shown correctly and titles are displayed etc and layout is improved) - (DONE)
  6. Improve Feed support (continue testing with feeds to ensure a wide range of feeds are supported and if errors encountered continue without issue) - (Improved - but will be on-going)
  7. Disable experimental stuff (make sure experimental stuff is disabled by defaults of the registry keys) - (DONE)
  8. Update the tab menus and softkeys for better use with the tab (DONE)
  9. Ensure the item view is functional (DONE - no links active though)
  10. Ensure the update bar does not move! (DONE)
  11. Improve feedback on what the tab is doing (hopefully through pop-up or the Update bar). - (DONE)
  12. Create "Reset" option for easy setup (DONE)

Ok, all items are basically done and I've done more since, so I "hope" the tab is ready for release now.


Let me know on the thread of any problems.

Jan 26, 2011 at 10:20 AM
Edited Apr 14, 2011 at 10:40 AM

My current 2.3 development plan is as follows:


1. Update Feeds directly from the tab 

- I'm planning to look into updating feeds directly (which will probably include dealing with the encoding issues). This is a huge one!


Feed updating is functional, not all feeds work yet though (looking into this), but able to update from the tab or via the Feed Manager and able to update a group or single feeds.


Feed support is improved now.  More work needed on GUI now.


2. Multiple Feed/Item Selection 

- Creating some way to make a selection of feeds and perform required actions on them (update, read, unread, d/l podcast, remove podcast etc).

-This is a difficult one in sense, so not sure what form it'll take yet. Thinking either a "select mode" or "long press selection" depending on what is possible.


Implemented a selection mode, activated via icon on the title bar.  Just need to implement code to create a list of selected items when an action is selected.  Also need to determine what actions are suitable for multi selection and make them available within this mode.

3. Automatic Read Flaging

- Item view to track which items have been read and update their status on exit.  This will also include within the reader module where swiping between items is done.

4. Enable External Links

- Item view, open links in selected web-browser instead of internally (perhaps allow selection of browser/internal).


5. Fixed Header View Status

- Attempt to get the status updating in the Fixed Header View, and show selection of header when pressed (issues with sense is stopping this).


Managed to get this to work now (although selection is not shown, the status message is updated correctly). [DONE DEV]


6. Improving the theme file

- Improving the theme file (not all text colours are changed). [DONE Rev2.2.2]

- Produce some themes, i.e. Green, Yellow, Blue etc


7. Improved Cab Install

- Generating install cabs (when used a long with senseUtil the cabs should be easier for me to generate) - should save Captain_Throwback some work too. [DONE Rev2.2.2] Dual Cab Install is now available.


8. Check version directly

- Automatic update, allow check of Tab version and download latest if available.


This is working, although I may change things to add download progress of the file etc.  Also will probably add option to select where the file is downloaded to.

Note: it is a manual check. [DONE (mostly) DEV]


9. Feed Manager

-  To add/remove/edit the RSS Feeds. This is another huge one.


The basics are working fine, but will probably be completed last since it will allow all the feed specific options to be set, so as I enable more support for more features this is where they will be available.  Currently I use it for testing since it is easier to trigger actions directly within the exe code rather than from the tab.


10. Feed Specific features

- Will add a range of options to allow aspects of the feed to be customised on a feed by feed basis.  Normal things such as "automated update schedule" to perhaps optional display settings or image download etc.


11. Add/Import Feeds without RSSHub

- Provide a range of ways to import your RSS feeds from other sources, perhaps even add some google-reader support.

A lot of these will break my build until completed, so 2.2.2 will probably be the last release until these things are done.


12. Improve 1st install experience

- Currently if RSS Feeds are defined without any groups then they will not be displayed.


This is now fixed in the latest dev version (previous quick fixes didn't fix it). [DONE DEV]

- Detect when there are no feeds present or the tab is not initialised


Just need to ensure that when number of feed items is 0 that means no items (at the moment this is 1 - due to [0] index reference).  Fixing this should allow the instructions to reset the tab to show (also need to update to allow multi-line display of the message.)


13. Wifi Control directly on the tab

- Be able to switch on and off the wifi connection for viewing feeds with images (and later on perform updates on the feeds).


Button is functional, will add code/setting to prompt/automatically connect/disconnect as required for item viewing etc.

[DONE (mostly) DEV]


14. Improved feed support

I- As part of the updating process/testing the feeds which have caused issues in the past will be tested and will make sure they work.  Some just have issue is ReadOnly mode is disabled (since I was using a different method for reading them).


Feed support is improved.